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Mount Portfjället breaking
through the fog****

En frostbitten mire.

The creek Björkvassån

Vegatation in September*

A hare shot by Ulf**

Delicious chantrelles**

Johans Ådahl and dog are
doing their homework**

Baking at Sune &
Ardis Lindmans stove***

A beautiful creek
char caught by Ulf**

A cabin up in the mountains.

Close to Danne Lindmans cabin.

At Oxdalruet

An observant owl.

A hazelhen.

Sunset over

Last beams of sun.

Sunset from the
island Holmen

An early morning
at a mire.

A branch of
Mountain ash


Moss at Lake Portfjället.

* = Photo by familjen Klingberg
** = Photo by Ivar Sennvall
*** = Photo by Ulf Sennvall
**** = Photo by Håkan Juliusson