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Björkvattnet in June.

The lake Björkvattnet*

A European Pied Flycatcher
in one of the many birches.

An angler in summer.

A butterfly in june.

A juvenile bull moose.

Beavers are common
in the creek.

And an occational heron.

A hawk with prey.

Oxdalruet at sunset.

Camping up at the mountain.

Blueberries in front
of Mount Portfjället.

A delicious Arctic

Leafs of Cloudberries.

A dear place: The
mire Renåsflon.

The same mire.

A buzzard sweeping
over the mountains.

A spellbounding
night in July**

* = Photo by Ulf Sennvall
** = Photo by Majvor/Martin Snårbacka