Winter and spring
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Even if the winter initially is dark the months of February to May offers numerous pleasures: Ice fishing, skiiing or a ride on the snowmobile, or just relax in the sun and have som hot dogs och coffee.

The crrek at lake Holmtjärnen

Sunrise in December

A hardworking woodpecker
in December

Alf och Auds former cabin
deep into the snow*

The dam in November**

Down Mount Portfjället*

The lake Björkvattnet and Mount
Portfjället in November**

A trout caught in early spring*

The annual ski race Flyktingloppet
between Norway and Sweden*

En chilly winter day**

Spring has arrived***

Birches full of Black Grouses*

* = Photo by Ivar Sennvall
** = Photo by Seija Klingberg
*** = Photo by Bernt Persson